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Grumpy Bait Company caters to the individual angler. We focus on your unique needs and help you get to your end goal of catching more fish. Whether you are a professional angler looking for a unique bait style or color combination, or you are an avid angler looking for something a bit different to help you stand out from the rest, our custom bait service will help you get to your goals.

  • Pick from more than 12 of our unique bait styles
  • Choose from a variety of plastic color additives, glitter color and shapes, and fish attractant additives
  • Get the right amount of salt you want for each bait to keep fish biting longer and controlling buoyancy
  • Quick turn-around, sometimes within the same week - depending on time of year
  • Use baits that mimick the actual shape, color and size of bait fish - not generic shapes provided by large-scale manufacturers


Grumpy Baits - Style and Size Chart


We have 10 very unique styles that our customers can pick from in addition to features such as salt content and various scent attractants to choose from.


Color selection is literally in the eye of the beholder and the sky is the limit. If your need help matching colors or mimicking natural baits, we are happy to provide assistance.


Custom orders can take as little as 2 days but may take up to 1 month depending on the time of the year. We suggest starting the process earlier than later to avoid seasonal rushes.


So it's time to get creative and you might be wondering where to start.  That's normal and we have a few suggestions to get you going.

  • What is your target species?  Once you've determine that, you can go to our product pages and check the 'Target Species' tab to determine which bait style works best for which fish species.
  • Do yo want to create a realistic bait or a high visibility bait? There are many reasons for for either choice but remember, during feeding periods or at pre- and post- spawning periods, HOT colors can yield more hits.  However, during low feeding periods, clear water conditions or when fish are in a negative feeding period, nature baits can be more effective. Since you are making your own custom bait, why not make one of each?
  • What about quantities? Custom baits are produced on-demand and require special care an attention to producing the bait the way you want it. It's also a unique bait design that we cannot resell.  As a result, we do require a minimum run amount that can only be calculated once we understand your bait style and requirements.  Once we receive your custom bait form, we will get back to you with an estimate.

That should get you off to a good start.  If in doubt, simply call us at 519-807-9844!


Due to the small size of our Micro Series and QUADFusion Micro Series Baits, we primarily offer them in single colors.  However, if you wish, we can produce two color baits however, there will be a surcharge due to the extra time involved with creating them.


So you've completed the initial design phase -  btw, your design looks amazing!  Now it's time for us to get to work.  But, before we begin, we will send you and email, or call you, to reconfirm your order.  If you wish, you can call us at 519-807-9844 to discuss your design over the phone.

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