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Product Code: G003
Weight: 32.00g
Dimensions: 5.50in x 0.15in x 5.75in

Price: CAD$9.99

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* Bait Colors:

Please refer to bait colors below and select the corresponding option here.  Last three digits represent the color.

Grumpy Baby Goby was introduced to the Great Lakes due to the explosion of the invasive species - Round Goby.  Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Lake Trout and even Steelhead have made Round Goby a staple part of their diets.  Recognizing this, our field team designed three goby baits to address various conditions and species demands.  All three are individually hand-poured. Baby Goby has become a major bait in the Great Lakes region including Lake St. Clair and Lake Simcoe even during the ice fishing season.  This bait smashes waterbodies infested with Goby - try them and catch more fish!

  • Small goby design is ideal even when fish are in a negative feed state
  • Exaggerated head size makes the bait more durable
  • Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
  • Flat-bottom design ensures Grumpy Baby Goby remains right-side up
  • Each bait is unique and individually hand-poured
  • Loaded with our signature Hawg and Garlic sauce!
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 6 pieces per bag

BABY GOBY Colors - [ Premium, Hand-Poured ] 

NOTE: All open, hand-poured baits are made to order. Please allow 4-8 business days.  Our custom, hand-poured baits are super soft and supple - perfect for the finesse angler.  

Lake Simcoe Goby (G003-020)

Lake Simcoe Goby *

Natural Goby/Silver Belly (G003-011)

Natural Goby/Silver Belly *

Natural Goby/Copper Belly (G003-007)

Natural Goby/Copper Belly *

Brown Goby/Silver Belly (G003-008)

Brown Goby/Silver Belly *

Natural Goby/Chartreuse (G003-024)

Natural Goby/Chartreuse *

Lake St. Clair (G003-032)

Lake St. Clair*

Green Pumpkin/Brown (G003-005)

Green Pumpkin/Brown

Green Pumpkin/Purple (G003-018)

Green Pumpkin/Purple

Green Pumpkin (G003-013)

Green Pumpkin

Pearly Olive (G003-039)

Pearly Olive

* - includes amazing pearl-style belly for additional realism and strike-enticing action!

Ned Rigging Grumpy Baits
Drop Shotting Grumpy Baits
Float Fishing with Grumpy Baits
Dropper Rig with Grumpy Baits
Ice Fishing (Jigging) with Grumpy Baits
Round Jig Head Rig with Grumpy Baits
Carolina Rig with Grumpy Baits
Split Shot Finesse Setup with Grumpy Baits
Texas Rig with Grumpy Baits
Tipped Jig Grumpy Baits

 NOTE: Fish identification and related information provided in the links above will redirect you to FISHBUOY Pro website. 



FISHBUOY Pro is used by anglers across North America to access real-time weather, water-gauge and marine data as well as logging fish catches.  This app is loaded with advanced features that will help you develop trends, create private fishing buddy groups, and record your history of fishing.

  • Access weather from across North America with a simple touch-of-the-screen
  • Connect to water gauge  and marine buoy data within Canada and the USA to learn about past and current water conditions
  • Log every fish catch when you take a photo - automatically tags weather, water and fish catch details with everyone photo
  • Integrates Navionics lake contour maps (must have an active subscription)
  • Create private fishing buddy groups
  • Plan your fishing trips by looking at your past catch data

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In Lake Erie, "Crayfish were the most common prey of smallmouth bass prior to invasion of round goby (observed in 53.5% of diets). Round goby became the dominant prey of smallmouth bass after its invasion (observed in 73.3% of diets), and crayfish were only observed in 5.8% of diets in the post-round goby time period.

Changes in growth and diet of smallmouth bass following invasion of Lake Erie by the round goby. Derek P.Cranea, Donald W., Einhouseb

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