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Product Code: GURU-PAN
Weight: 20.00g
Dimensions: 4.50in x 3.50in x 0.20in

Price: CAD$4.99

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* Guru Colors and Weights:

After searching numerous jig styles, we concluded the GURU PANFISH Jig is a perfect match for our Micro Series baits that include Mini Minn-FIN, Micro Grubby, Mini Grubby and the Mini Goby.  The hook length, height and jig head design have just the right dimensions for our smaller profile baits. When targetting panfish such as yellow perch and  crappie

- Unique head design that allows for flush mounted plastics ideal for goby and micro-style baits

- Long bait-keeper minimizes fish from pulling off the bait from the jig

-  Eye balls provide the added feature to capture the attention of fish

- Thin but strong hook reduces fish from bending the hook

- Available in three colors [ Chartreuse, Black, Glow White)

- 5 Jig/Pack

Micro Series Using GURU 1/8oz Jig

2.25" Mini GOBY | GURU 1/8oz jig

2.25" Mini GRUBBY | GURU 1/8oz jig

2.6" Mini Minn-FIN | GURU 1/8oz jig

2.6" Mini Minn-FIN | GURU 1/8oz jig

GURU Panfish Jig with GRUMPY Baits

2" Micro GRUBBY with GURU Panfish 1/8 oz Jig

2.6" Mini Minn-FIN with GURU Panfish 1/8 oz Jig

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