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2020 will go down in history as one of the world's most challenging times due to the deadly Corona Virus (COVID-19).  Everyone was affected one way or another and many found themselves working from home or jobless.  That's when the idea of GRUMPY Bait Company was conceived by Martin (Marty) Draeger, also founder of the popular fishing app - FISHBUOY Pro.

The recreational industry, including fishing, had seen a significant increase in demand as a result of COVID-19.  Fishing stores, outdoor recreational manufacturers were not able to keep up with demand and overseas products were not making it across the borders.  North America leaders asked Canadians and Americans to step up and fill the supply gap - that's just what we did!

As a passionate angler and entrepreneur, Marty decided to start pouring soft plastic baits from his garage to meet the demands from local fishing retailers.  Within a few weeks, Marty hand-designed 6X goby, 5X paddle tail, 1X shad, 2X minnow and 1X crawdaddie soft plastic baits.

Today,  GRUMPY Bait Company has turned into a family business and continues to develop new innovative bait designs and color combinations to meet the needs of anglers.  We services anglers from around the world.

Bait Styles

17 Hand-Crafted Styles

6X Goby styles, 3X Paddle Tail styles, 3X Micro Series, style, 2X Minnow style, 1X Crawdaddie style


18+ Retailers

We are continuously expanding our retailers to service markets across North America.  Contact us to become a retailer click here.


Designed for You

We pour custom colors and also work with clients to design molds for a variety of freshwater and saltwater species.  Contact us.


Order Online

Our website provide customers with immediate access to our products.  We ship out the same day ordered.


We Love Making Baits

Marty Draeger, Founder


FOUNDER, Bait Designer, Pour-Man

Carolyn Draeger, COO, CFO

Carolyn (THE BOSS) Draeger


Matty Draeger, QA/QC, Packaging Manager


QA/QC, Packaging Manager

Curtis Draeger, Social Media Consultant


Social Media Consultant

Carolyn Draeger, COO, CFO


Sales and Customer Support

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