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We are ready to take our questions!  Just complete the appropriate form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please allow additional processing time due to COVID-19 impacts.  Stay staff and hope to connect with you soon.


We support our retailers with active marketing campaigns that drive customers to your storefronts, plus support you with seasonal promotions.  If needed, we are also happy to host live video conference webinars for staff or your customers.


We are here to help. Whether inquiring about our products, wondering the best way to rig our baits, or to get tips on the latest fishing technology, we appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Pro Staff or Ambassador for GRUMPY Bait Company!  We are excited to be working with passionate anglers that believe in our products and want to share their passion and experience with other anglers.

Before we get started, we need to learn more about you! Please complete our questionnaire and one of our team leaders will contact you directly.

IMPORTANT!: If you have not purchased and tried our baits yet, please do not apply!  We are looking for anglers who are experienced in using our baits and can help other anglers with their direct knowledge of GRUMPY's.  Believing in the brand and knowing about our baits is key for Ambassador's or Pro Staffer's.

What is the difference between Pro Staff vs. Ambassador?

Pro Staff

  • Actively participates in 5+ professional fishing tournaments per year
  • 5+ Years tournament experience and willing to promote GRUMPY Bait Company
  • Recognized as a professional angler among peers 
  • Willing to use our baits exclusively in soft goby and other bait categories


  • Recreational angler that fishes multiple times per month
  • Actively posts their fishing experiences on social media channels
  • Recognized as a knowledgeable and friendly angler among peers
  • Willing to use and promote our baits across all our bait categories

We are looking for passionate anglers who will actively promote the effective use of our baits.  Whether on the water, at the office or participating at events, we want to work together to tell the world how awesome GRUMPY Baits are.  If you don't fit the bill, do not hit SUBMIT.

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We are always open to hearing from our customers!  Whether a product inquiry or looking for advice on rigging techniques, we are here to help.

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