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Product Code: G004
Weight: 36.00g
Dimensions: 5.50in x 0.15in x 5.75in

Price: CAD$8.99

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* Bait Colors:

Please refer to bait colors below and select the corresponding option here.  Last three digits represent the color.

JUICY Leech is one of our most diverse and popular soft plastic fishing baits.  Each bait is poured by hand and uses super soft yet durable plastic to give the JUICY Leech the ultimate action.  Have you ever used real leeches? Which one do you reach for?  The big and juicy one of course and that is what the JUICY Leech is all about.  No more need for live bait.  No more need to keep your bait in a refridgerator.  Just get JUICY!

Fish can't resist Grumpy Leech's natural movement as is glides through the water. 

  • Realistic shape, slim design a full range of colors gives anglers the edge
  • Exaggerated head size makes the bait more durable
  • Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
  • Flat-bottom design ensures Grumpy Leech remains right-side up
  • Loaded with our signature Grumpy sauce!
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 6 pieces per bag


Juicy Leech Colors

Green Pumpkin (G004-013)

Green Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin/Brown (G004-005)

Green Pumpkin/Brown

Black/Brown (G004-010)


Black (G004-055)


Brown Goby/Copper (G004-002)

Brown Goby/Copper

Pumpkin Seed (G004-006)

Pumpkin Seed

Green Pumpkin/Purple (G004-018)

Green Pumpkin/Purple

Black/Blue (G004-023)



Fishing Techniques (Recommended)

Drop Shotting Grumpy Baits
Texas Rig with Grumpy Baits
Carolina Rig with Grumpy Baits
Split Shot Finesse Setup with Grumpy Baits
Tipped Jig Grumpy Baits

 NOTE: Fish identification and related information provided in the links above will redirect you to FISHBUOY Pro website.

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