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Our PRO Staff consists of anglers who regularly participate in tournaments and professional events throughout the year.  They put our baits to the test and provide valuable feedback so we can improve our baits.

Bret Alexander

Bret Alexander
Alexander's Sport Fishing Guide Service

Captain Bret Alexander has 40 years of fishing experience on Green Bay and 15 years of guiding experience. Bret is one of the most well known fishing guides in the Green Bay area and is regularly featured on almost every fishing TV show that visits the area.

TV Appearance Include:
- In Fisherman
- Trophy Fish Hunter
- John Gillespie's Waters & Woods
- Kent Hrbek Outdoors (#14 Minnesota Twins)
- Legends of Rod & Reel
- Midwest Outdoors
- Ford Outfitters TV
- Keyes Outdoors
- Babe Winkelman TV
- Big Fish 365
- North American Fisherman
- Northland Adventures
- Fishing the Midwest with Bob Jensen
- Discover WI
- Fox Sports News (Green Bay)


Mario Bertrand

Mario Bertrand
Fourth Quarter Fishing Series

I have always been known to friends and family as a hardcore angler and I would have to agree. The moment that I got the taste of competitive bass fishing, this took my passion to the next level. The idea of fishing under the timer and other competitor at an event was the new me.

Since my first tournament as a co-angler in 1996, co-angler would be my roll for many events, for many years, as a bass boat was not in my immediate future. Proving to be a valuable co-angler, I was able hone my skills on many boats and fish a variety of tournaments over the years. Starting with fun weekend events, to events such as the Quinte Fishing series, CSFL, Shootout and all the way up to the big leagues with the B1 event. Four Years ago, this changed. I finally purchased my first bass boat and evolved to Angler.

I was able to advance my fishing knowledge during the six years working for a large pro tackle supply store. Talking with anglers and tackle reps was a tremendous help in elevating my fishing skills. This in turn has made me a better competitive bass angler.

When the series MLF hit the scene, after just one episode I was addicted to the new format. I waited a number of years hoping to see this style of tournament come to Ontario. This wait became to long, so I decided to do it myself and launched my own series. In 2021 Fourth Quarter Fishing was born and is running for its second season in 2022.


Our PRO Guides are a critical part of our innovations and testing process.  As professional captains who take out customers of all experience levels, they provide valuable input on bait design, coloration and useability. 


Captain P.j Baylis
No Limits Fishing Charters

Specializing in Detroit River Walleye, Lake Erie Walleye & Rainbow Trout, and Lake St. Clair Muskies. Avid tournament angler, fully licensed and commercially insured charter captain.

PJ has been fishing the Great Lakes since childhood, and finds passion and excitement in showing others how to fish these world class waters.

If you are looking for advice on what GRUMPY Bait's to use on the Detroit River or Lake Erie for walleye or bass, DM PJ's Instagram!


Captain Steve Falcon

Captain Steve Falcon
Chief Charters

Captain Steve, professional guide and owner of Chief Charters, has always lived the life of a fisherman. He was raised in a waterfront home in Gibraltar, Michigan, so fishing was more than just a rite of passage, it was a way of life. Growing up with a father who loved the outdoors while having the Detroit River and Lake Erie for a front yard, it's no surprise that he knows the water like the back of his hand.

Captain Steve not only holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain's License, but he also has a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. This background is evident by the way he not only takes you fishing, but he teaches you how to fish. Combining the art of teaching with his passion for fishing results in the perfect blend for what you want in a professional fishing guide.

Captain Steve established Chief Charters to help people get on the water to enjoy the beauty and the bounty that our local waters can provide. He has made it his mission to give you a great day on the water, turning your dreams into a reality, and making memories that last a lifetime.

"As Great Lakes fish adapt to feeding on Gobies, it only makes sense that fishermen also adapt their baits to match this new forage. I knew I needed a Goby pattern in my arsenal to maximize my catch and Grumpy Bait Company has that covered. Grumpy's Goby series has the perfect Goby profile from any angle and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. With this new addition of Goby to the already proven worm and minnow patterns, there's nothing I can't catch with Grumpy."



Our BRAND Ambassadors are fun, passionate anglers who love to educated other anglers on the basics.  From selecting the right GRUMPY bait to advanced fishing techniques, our BRAND Ambassadors make fishing easy!

Ryan Biggs

Ryan Biggs
Avid Angler, Elora Region

Growing up I have always had a passion for fishing, there is something about the pursuit of a fish that is like no other feeling in life.

My favorite species to pursue are walleye and smallmouth. I love the sheer power and fight that comes with hooking smallmouth, while on the other hand I love the suttleness and technique that is required to catch walleye. I have the most success catching smallmouth with Grumpy’s Crawdaddie and walleye can't seem to resist the finesse TZR-Worm. I aspire to one day accumulate enough skill and knowledge to have the opportunity to fish the bassmaster classic.

As an angler it is my goal to inspire future generations to get involved in the outdoors, fishing and conservation. My suggestion to anyone getting into fishing - speak with staff at your local tackle store. They often have the best advice when it comes to anything fishing and will get you properly prepared to succeed.  Questions about GRUMPY Bait's, contact me via my Instagram account!


Steven de Boyrie

Steven de Boyrie
Avid Angler, South-Central Ontario

Fishing has become both a passion and an obsession for me. I get out at least once a week, all year. For me it is equally about the thrill of reeling in a biggin, and the peacefulness I feel out in the middle of a lake or river. I grew up saltwater fishing in Florida, surf casting and inshore fishing for reds, seatrout, flounder and other species. I would chase the odd bass while summer camping but it wasn't until late 2020 that I really decided to chase this passion. I wanted to learn and experience as much as possible so that's what I did. My advice to a new angler is to just get out there. Put in the work, try new spots and different approaches; the fish will eventually come. And also to just ask questions! Most anglers are more than willing to give you tips or even some baits!

As a multi species, year round angler, I'm super proud and grateful to be an ambassador for GRUMPY Bait Company as there is a bait for almost everything. I have been very successful dropshotting the 2.6" Round Goby for summer and fall bass, as well using Micro GRUBBY's, Mini Minn-FINN's and the entire goby lineup for ice fishing.

If you have questions, DM me on Instagram!


Jack Tindall

Jack Tindall
Avid Angler, Indiana, USA

I grew up fishing local rivers for smallmouth bass and developed a deep passion for the sport.  In fact I enjoyed it so much that I ended up chasing them all over the midwest and the upper Great Lakes over the past 45 years. I especially enjoy fishing Lake St. Clair and travel there multiple times a year, targeting smallies.  Eventually, I plan on becoming a professional guide on Lake St Clair once I retire from police work.

Recently, I discovered GRUMPY Bait Company and immediately saw the value of their line-up of soft plastic baits.  I particularly liked the goby series of baits and started using the Goliath Goby using a variety of techniques including drop shotting and  ned jigging.  I also also used it on a wobble head dragging it along the bottom with great success!

Here in the USA, we have the luxury of fishing early-season bass and can say from experience, the fish go crazy for the Goliath Goby.  It literally outfishes "common" fishing baits 5-to-1 at least.

Jake Patterson and Ashton Campbell
Avid Anglers, Waterloo Region, ON, Canada

Our interest for fishing began in our younger years as we both watched our father’s with their rods on the water. Our Father’s enjoyed our love for fishing on the docks and taught us all of the basics we needed at such a young age. Prior to Covid, our rep sports did not allow us to devote the time we had wished for to fish. As Covid became widespread, unfortunately, so did the restrictions it had on life. With a pause on everything, we found ourselves having the time to do something that we loved.

Early sunrise became our alarm clocks to pack our gear and plan for the anticipation of bike rides that brought us to the many lakes and rivers. When the opportunity was available, we would prepare our kayaks and paddles for a new environment. The thrill of catching smallmouth on top water, and the achievement with the beauty of the 32 inch Northern Pike in our local river that succumbed to our skill, were only a couple of our most prized moments. The world of fishing has not only been upon the water, but it is a community that we have been blessed to be a part of and grown deeply to greatly appreciate. The connections we have gained locally, those through our social media and others who we have met at Natural Sports have only increased our wealth of knowledge within the fishing realm.

Grumpy Baits stands alone in the fishing world and has been a vital part of our fishing success when they graced the shelves at Natural Sports and many other locations. Using the Mini Minn-Fin on a ⅛ oz jig head has only benefited our daily catch on smallmouth and other species. We are always browsing the many options this company has fashioned for us avid anglers! It will only be a dream to continue to grace the calm waters and the peace this sport entails and hopefully one day in the far future, we will be able to teach our own child, as our Father’s taught to us.

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