GRUMPY Bait Company Leads the Way with Innovative Goby Baits Series

Waterloo, ON, CANADA, April 2023 - GRUMPY Bait Company, the industry leader in goby bait fishing innovation, proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking GOLIATH SWIM-Goby. As the pioneers of goby baits since 2019, GRUMPY Bait Company revolutionized the fishing industry with its introduction of the first, complete full line-up of realistic and anatomically correct goby baits. The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby expands the current Goby Series line-up, offering anglers the ability to effectively present a goby bait in a horizontal retrieve pattern. The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby offers anglers yet another choice in goby bait presentation.

“The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby showcases our commitment to innovation, featuring a unique tail and body design that provides a high-action, multi-axis pulsing movement, perfect for both slow and high retrieve rates.”, says Martin Draeger, founder of GRUMPY Bait Company.

The GOLIATH SWIM-Goby embodies the natural body shape of a goby, a highly sought-after food source for numerous fish species in and around the Great Lakes Region. It boasts a true goby-head design, complete with bulging eyes, cheek plates, retracted pectoral fins, two realistic dorsal fins and a vertically aligned caudal fin. In a remarkable industry-first feature, the XBW (Xtra Body Waggle) offers a subtle side-to-side movement during the retrieve, effectively capturing the attention of fish and luring them in.

This versatile bait is ideally suited for various fishing techniques, including vertical and horizontal jigging with ned-, swim-, spinner-, chatter bait jigs and drop shot rigs. Anglers targeting smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, lake trout, lake whitefish, brown trout, and many other freshwater and saltwater species will find the GOLIATH SWIM-Goby to be their ultimate secret weapon.

Key features of the GOLIATH SWIM-Goby include:

  •  Xtra-Action Tail (XAT) designed for optimal movement at both slow and high retrieve rates
  • Xtra Body Waggle (XBW) that creates a subtle side-to-side waggle during the retrieve
  • Built on the proven GOLIATH Goby platform, ensuring reliability and success
  • Anatomically correct features, presenting a larger profile round goby bait design
  • Life-like head and body shape, with dual-dorsal fins that mimic the Great Lakes round goby
    - High-durability plastic construction that lasts, yet supple to keep them holding on
  • Wide range of colors available, catering to various conditions and target species
  • Multi-technique bait, suitable for jigging, casting and retrieving, drop-shotting, ice fishing

"At GRUMPY Bait Company, we take pride in our pioneering spirit and dedication to providing anglers with cutting-edge baits made in Canada.", said Martin Draeger, Founder at GRUMPY Bait Company. "Our new GOLIATH SWIM-Goby is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our mission to equip anglers from all skill levels with the most effective baits for a successful fishing experience."

GRUMPY Bait Company's GOLIATH SWIM-Goby is now available for purchase at select retailers nationwide. For more information about the full line of goby baits and other fishing products offered by GRUMPY Bait Company, please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About GRUMPY Bait Company:
GRUMPY Bait Company has been at the forefront of fishing bait innovation since 2019. With a focus on designing realistic, anatomically correct goby baits, GRUMPY Bait Company has become the recognized leader in goby baits. However, since inception, the company has launched fifteen (15) new bait styles including goby, goby-hybrids, minnow, leech, worm and craw-style baits.