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Product Code: GDS
Weight: 28.00g
Dimensions: 5.25in x 0.20in x 5.25in

Price: CAD$6.99

Available Options

* Camo Drop Shot Weights:

KEEP FISH FOCUSED ON YOUR BAIT - NOT YOUR WEIGHT!   Ever wonder why the Pro's hand paint or put black marker on their lead or tungsten drop shots? When drop shotting, fish see both your drop shot weight bouncing off the bottom, as well as your bait.  Why give them additional distractions and not let them focus on the bait itself?  That's why we started manufacturing drop shot weights that come in three standard, camouflaged colors.  Now, when drop shotting over hard rock, heavy vegatation, or dark tea-stained lake bottoms, you can provide a better and more focused presentation that encourage fish to bit your bait.  Our camo drop shot weights are highly recommended when drop shotting any of our goby baits.  Goby are bottom dwellers and rarely move highly than 6-10 inches off the bottom.  This means your goby presentation must be close to the bottom.  The shorter your drop shot lead is (the distance between your drop shot weight and your goby bait), the more realistic the presentation is, and the more likelihood of enticing the strike.  Get your camo drop shots and start catching more fish!

  • Camo colors are designed to help fish focus on your bait, not your weight!
  • Powder-coated for ultimate durability - far superior to marker or hand painting!
  • Available in three colors: Dark Copper, Light Copper and of course, Grumpy Pumpkin
  • Multipe weight sizes available for all your fishing conditions
  • 5 drop shots per bag

Drop Shotting Grumpy Baits

 NOTE: Fish identification and related information provided in the links above will redirect you to FISHBUOY Pro website. 



FISHBUOY Pro is used by anglers across North America to access real-time weather, water-gauge and marine data as well as logging fish catches.  This app is loaded with advanced features that will help you develop trends, create private fishing buddy groups, and record your history of fishing.

  • Access weather from across North America with a simple touch-of-the-screen
  • Connect to water gauge  and marine buoy data within Canada and the USA to learn about past and current water conditions
  • Log every fish catch when you take a photo - automatically tags weather, water and fish catch details with everyone photo
  • Integrates Navionics lake contour maps (must have an active subscription)
  • Create private fishing buddy groups
  • Plan your fishing trips by looking at your past catch data

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