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Weight: 15.00g

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* Micro G-Jigs Weights (Oz):

Micro G-Jigs are designed to maximize your Grumpy bait presentation and entice the strike!  We've manufactured several jig styles, weights and colors to provide you with more options to rig your soft plastic baits.  Our Micro G-Jig are ideal for the Micro Series line of baits that offer the right hook thickness, length and hook gap. Ideally suited for our Micro Series baits that includes the Round Goby, Mini Goby, Mini Grubby and Micro Grubby.

  • Powder-coated for ultimate durability
  • Jig eyes 100% guaranteed to be clean and free of paint and coating
  • Mustad Ultra Point hooks provide enhanced hook-set penetration and strength
  • #2 Hook size designed to fit our 2" to 2.6" baits (Micro Grubby, Mini Grubby, Mini Goby, Round Goby)
  • Signature Grumpy colors: Dark Copper, Light Copper, Chartreuse and of course, Grumpy Pumpkin
  • Designed to fit our Micro Series soft plastic baits
  • 4 jigs per bag


Micro G-Jig Setup with GRUMPY Baits

Micro G-Jig - Mini Goby

1/4 oz Micro G-Jig (Dark Copper) + Mini Goby (Green Pumpkin/Brown)

Micro G-Jig - Pearly Olive Round Goby

1/4 oz Micro G-Jig (Grumpy Pumpkin) + Mini Goby (Green Pumpkin/Brown)

Micro G-Jig - Mini Grubby

1/4 oz Micro G-Jig (Dark Copper) + Mini Grubby (Lake Simcoe Goby)

Micro-G-Jig - TZR-WORM

1/4 oz Micro G-Jig (Grumpy Pumpkin) + TZR-WORM (Muddy Glow)

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