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Lake Nipissing, located in Ontario, Canada is known as a premiere ice fishing destination boasting fish species including walleye, perch, burbot, pike and whitefish.  To help anglers in their bait selection for Lake Nipissing, we've developed an exclusive package that contains the top styles and colors reported by our customers.  This pack will set you up to target multiple species found in Lake Nipissing for a great price! 

  • 2.6" Mini Minn-FIN [ 1x Pack Emerald Shiner, 1X Pack Natural Goby/Chartreuse, 1X Pack Natural Goby/Purple colors ] is a small emerald shiner imitation bait and boasts a very realistic and narrow style body with a dual, micro-paddle tipped caudal fin that offers excellent vertical jigging action.  Together with a GURU jig, or in tandem (one rigged above on an aberdeen hook), this bait works for almost all species found in Lake Nipissing including jumbo perch, whitefish, walleye and burbot.
  • 2.25" Mini Grubby [1X Pack Natural Goby/Chartreuse, 1X Natural Goby/Red ] is a hybrid version of a goby and grub and provides amazing action when jigging vertically through the ice.  Rig with a GURU Jig individually or run two baits in tandem using (check your local regulations on the number of hooks allowed in the water you are fishing!), This bait is so versatile you won't believe all the species you will catch with it.
  • 2" Mico Grubby [ 1X Pack Natural Goby/Purple color ] is another hybrid soft plastic bait designed with an oversized goby head, ribbed body and a small paddle tail.  Micro Grubby measures 2" in length, making it an ideal bait for panfish, whitefish and fish requiring a smaller presentation.  As usual, this bait includes all the unique features you would expect from a custom bait.  Rig using the included GURU Jig.
  • 2.25" Mini Goby [ 1X Pack Chartreuse Crackle ] is a new plastic goby imitation that is much smaller than those found in our Goby Series.  This bait was requested by many anglers looking for a goby bait designed for ice fishing. While Lake Nipissing does not currently have a notable population of round goby, the Mini Goby also resembles other small minnow species that fish still love!  It measures 2.25" in length, making it an ideal bait for panfish, whitefish and fish requiring a smaller presentation than normal.
  • 1/8oz GURU Jig [ 1X Pack Black color, 1X Pack Chartreuse color ] After searching numerous jig styles, we concluded the GURU PANFISH Jig is a perfect match for our Micro Series baits that include Mini Minn-FIN, Micro Grubby, Mini Grubby and the Mini Goby.  The hook length, height and jig head design have just the right dimensions for our smaller profile baits. When targetting panfish such as yellow perch and  crappie
  • Bait shape (bottom-view, side-view, top-view) is designed for optimal attraction
  • Loaded with our signature HAMMER JUICE
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 3 Packs 2.6" Mini Minn-FIN's - (30 pcs), 2 Packs 2.25" Mini Grubby - (20 pcs), 1 Pack 2" Micro Grubby - (10pcs), 1 Pack 2.25" Mini Goby - (10 pcs) 2 Packs GURU Jigs - (10pcs)


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