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Lake Simcoe, located in Ontario, Canada is know as the ice fishing capital of North America.  Anglers travel hundreds of miles to hit the ice in search of lake whitefish, lake herring, lake trout, jumbo perch, pike and burbot.  To help anglers in their bait selection for Lake Simcoe, we've developed an exclusive package that contains baits that mimic the size, shape and color of the primary food sources - round goby, emerald shiners and smelt.  This pack will set you up to target multiple species found in Lake Simcoe and gives you the edge in various conditions.  Plus, you get three free packs of GRUMPY Eyes to help you customize and make your baits look even more realistic!

  • 3.3 " GOLIATH Goby [ Lake Simcoe Goby color ] is an incredibly realistic imitation of a round goby now found throughout Lake Simcoe and across much of the Great Lakes.  Lake whitefish, lake trout and burbot are now targetting goby as a significant food source so adding this bait to your tacklebox is a must.  Simply rig it on a ned jig or any round jig with a 2/0 or 3/0 jig hook and keep the bait on the bottom.
  • 2.6" ROUND Goby [ Lake Simcoe Goby color ] is a mid-sized goby imitation bait that is often found in the stomachs of Lake Simcoe whitefish, lake trout and jumbo perch.  When  fish are more finicky, try jigging the Round Goby directly on the bottom, making sure to take long pauses.  If you see a fish on your sonar, tap the bottom lightly and slowly lift. Often the fish will hit as you lift the bait off the bottom - but remember not too high (3-6" maximum!)
  • 2.25" Mini GOBY [Pearly Olive color ] is a juvenile round goby representation. It has become a hugely popular whitefish and jumbo perch bait across the Great Lakes and particularly Lake Simcoe.  This bait can be rigged on a small jighead individually, or in tandem.  Remember goby are bottom dwellers so be sure to keep them on or close to the bottom.
  • 2.25" Mini Grubby [Lake Simcoe Goby color ] is a hybrid version of our more anatomically correct gobies, but does the job!  We've created a paddle tail in this hybrid goby/grub bait. Use the Mini Grubby 6-10" above your bottom hook (check your local regulations on the number of hooks allowed in the water you are fishing!), or jig this bait using a micro jig directly on the bottom.  This bait is so versatile you won't believe all the species you will catch with it.
  • 2.6" Mini Minn-FIN [ Emerald Shiner color ] is a small emerald shiner imitation bait and boasts a very realistic and narrow style body with a dual, micro-paddle tipped caudal fin that offers excellent vertical jigging action.  Together with a small jighead, or in tandem (one rigged above on an aberdeen hook), this bait works for almost all species found in Lake Simcoe including jumbo perch, whitefish, lake trout, herring and burbot.
  • 4" Minn-FIN [ Emerald Shiner color ] is a larger emerald shiner imitation bait this is designed specifically for vertical jigging. The caudal fin is vertically oriented to look more like a shiner caudal fin. What makes our Minn-FIN unique is the added micro-paddle tips found on the caudal fin.  These added features capture more water to give the tail amazing vertically jgging action!
  • GRUMPY EYES [ 3X Clear ] are 3D glass fish eyes that are designed to help our baits look ultra-realistic.  The peg-in style eye makes it easy to insert directly into our goby and other soft plastic baits to give the added level of realism.  12 pcs per color in each pack.
  • Bait shape (bottom-view, side-view, top-view) is designed to match Round Gobies
  • Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
  • Flat-bottom design ensures the bait remains right-side up
  • Loaded with our signature HAMMER JUICE
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 3.3" Goliath Goby- 6 pieces,  2.6" Round Goby - 8 pieces, 2.25" , 2.25" Mini Goby - 10 pcs,  Mini Grubby 10 pieces, Mini Minn-FIN - 10 pcs, Minn-FIN - 8 pcs


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HAMMER JUICE Fish Attractant


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