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Product Code: G010
Weight: 21.00g
Dimensions: 5.50in x 0.15in x 5.75in

Price: CAD$7.99

5 or more CAD$6.39

Available Options

* Bait Colors:

Please refer to bait colors below and select the corresponding option here.  Last three digits represent the color.

Mini Goby is a new plastic goby imitation that is much smaller than those found in our Goby Series.  This bait was requested by many anglers looking for a goby bait designed for ice fishing. Mini Goby measures 2.25" in length, making it an ideal bait for panfish, whitefish and fish requiring a smaller presentation than normal.  As usual, this bait includes all the unique features of a custom bait.

  • 2.25" mini size is ideal for panfish or finicky fish requiring a smaller presentation
  • Soft plastic give this small bait extra movement
  • Goby-like design gives this a more realistic look to fish
  • Ideal for tipping other baits such as ice jigs
  • Signature Grumpy face seduces fish into an aggressive, dominant strike
  • Loaded with our signature Grumpy sauce!
  • Loaded with hand-ground, sea salt so fish hang on longer
  • 10 pieces per bag

Mini Goby Colors

Green Pumpkin/Brown (G010-005)

Green Pumpkin/Brown

Green Pumpkin (G010-013)

Green Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin Party (G010-038)

Green Pumpkin Party

Pearly Olive (G010-039)

Pearly Olive

Natural Goby/Purple (G010-028)

Natural Goby/Purple

Natural Goby/Green (G010-026)

Natural Goby/Green

Natural Goby/Gold (G010-027)

Natural Goby/Gold

Natural Goby/Red (G010-021)

Natural Goby/Red

Pink Crackle (G010-033)

Pink Crackle + UV

Chartreuse Crackle (G010-034)

Chartreuse Crackle + UV

Snowy Crackle (G010-035)

Snowy Crackle (QUADFusion)

Copper Back (G010-012)

Copper Back

What our customers are saying...

Fishing with GRUMPY Mini Goby Testimonial

Love using the 2.25" Mini Goby in Natural Goby/Gold color. Lake Simcoe perch love them! I've tried many different baits for targeting jumbos and I have finally found a true winner with GRUMPY Baits. They are the most realistic looking baits ever. They swim exactly like the real goby. I'm always confident that if I miss the first hit, they will circle around for another strike! Can't wait to try these in a few weeks further north for walleye in some back lakes, as I have had tremendous success with them also for targeting walleye on Lake Nippissing. Thank you GRUMPY Baits for creating a true winner!

Sal C.,  Avid Angler, Lake Simcoe

Fishing with GRUMPY Mini Goby Testimonial

Another GR8 day of walleye and perch jerking today with Doc and his crew. Thanks to Robert Hank for cleaning them. Perch were liking the GRUMPY Baits, Mini Goby and of course the good old crawler.

Bret Alexander, Alexander Sport Fishing, Green Bay, WI, USA.

Fishing with GRUMPY Minn-FIN Testimonial

Hey Martin. Saw you're the founder of GRUMPY Baits. Love the baits! They work phenomenally on smallies here in Wisconsin.

Connor Ebben, Advid Angler, Wisconsin, USA.

Fishing with GRUMPY Minn-FIN Testimonial

Big Country crushing the whitefish again. We've been seeing lots of limits and big fish lately ?for some more great action over the next 2 weeks. Get down here Marty they're biting steady (on the 2.25" Mini Goby), Grumpy Bait Company

Scott Osborne, Big Brutes, Ice Fishing Guides, Green Bay Wisconsin

Fishing with GRUMPY Minn-FIN Testimonial

We fish for Whitefish, Lake Trout, Burbot and Perch on the north end of Lake Huron. This year we decided to try GRUMPY Bait Company goby baits. Well, not only did they do everything in their power to get the baits shipped the same day, the 2.25" Mini Goby helped us land a ton of Whitefish, Burbot and Perch! It's great to use such an original and unique bait made right here in Ontario! I would highly recommend you try their baits. "

Jason Doyon, Avid Angler

Fishing with GRUMPY Minn-FIN Testimonial

The bite has been SO SLOW lately and I rigged up a drop shot with the 2 1/4” Mini Goby and this guy (walleye through the ice) came in and smoked it! I seriously can’t get over how good these baits are!

@adam_227,  Adam Solecki, Avid Angler

Ned Rigging Grumpy Baits
Drop Shotting Grumpy Baits
Float Fishing with Grumpy Baits
Dropper Rig with Grumpy Baits
Ice Fishing (Jigging) with Grumpy Baits
Round Jig Head Rig with Grumpy Baits
Carolina Rig with Grumpy Baits
Split Shot Finesse Setup with Grumpy Baits
Texas Rig with Grumpy Baits
Tipped Jig Grumpy Baits

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  • Access weather from across North America with a simple touch-of-the-screen
  • Connect to water gauge  and marine buoy data within Canada and the USA to learn about past and current water conditions
  • Log every fish catch when you take a photo - automatically tags weather, water and fish catch details with everyone photo
  • Integrates Navionics lake contour maps (must have an active subscription)
  • Create private fishing buddy groups
  • Plan your fishing trips by looking at your past catch data

Matt D on 09-29-2020 02:43 PM
Very well scented baits! Caught fish in seconds
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In Lake Erie, "Crayfish were the most common prey of smallmouth bass prior to invasion of round goby (observed in 53.5% of diets). Round goby became the dominant prey of smallmouth bass after its invasion (observed in 73.3% of diets), and crayfish were only observed in 5.8% of diets in the post-round goby time period.

Changes in growth and diet of smallmouth bass following invasion of Lake Erie by the round goby. Derek P.Cranea, Donald W., Einhouseb

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